Our Process


Preliminary walk-through

At the beginning of each inventory we conduct, we will meet with management or associate in charge to discuss things unique to the store such as where stock is located, which items will not be counted, store hazards to be advised of, vendor delivery times, and anything else that we will need to know before getting started. 

Counting time

Depending on the scope of the work, we will assign our team to begin counting sections of the store. 

The size of our crew and the speed with which inventory is conducted greatly depends on the type of store it is and the format with which inventory is conducted. Our main purpose is to count the inventory accurately.  An experienced inventory professional counting in a financial inventory format (Retail Price x Quantity) can accurately count at an average rate of $22,500 per hour. 

We will assign our team to sections based on importance at the beginning. For example, if we discussed that a frozen food pallet needs to be stocked soon during our preliminary walk-through then we will begin with that. 

Sales during Inventory

In many cases, stores are open during the inventory process. Proper accounting and preparation for these sales are very important. For this reason, we strongly advise getting a sales accounting of the day's sales up to the time we begin counting. This gives us the opportunity to start as if the store was closed when we arrived, then we can focus on the fastest selling areas of the store to minimize the risk of missing merchandise that should be counted due to sales.


As the count is ongoing, we will be placing inventory tags on every section of merchandise counted. The purpose of this is to advise store personnel that the particular section has been counted and to ensure merchandise doesn't get counted twice on our end. It also stands as an indicator for outside parties such as vendors, sales reps, etc. to meet with store personnel and/or inventory team leader to make sure no merchandise is added, removed, or moved to a different area of the store without a proper accounting. 

Closing Walk-Through

Once our team has completed the count, we will meet back with management or associate(s) to do a walk-through or all sections tagged and counted to ensure everything is counted correctly and to discuss any questions the store personnel may have for us. 

Reporting and Final Results

At the end of every inventory, you will be given a detailed report outlining our findings during the count. For item-inventory counts you will also be given a count file containing count data to load into your inventory control software to update physical inventory levels. In many cases we will be comparing our count to the store's expected count to determine shrink. At which time, it may be determined that the store personnel wishes for certain areas to be checked for accuracy in our count. We will always verify our work a second time for our client's peace of mind. We stress the importance of accuracy in our reporting, and if we find that we made a mistake, it will be corrected. Please be advised, however, that our responsibility is to provide honest results based on our counts, and in some cases it may mean an unhappy client. It is an unfortunate circumstance, but it is how we have been a trusted source of inventory control for our clients over the years.